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Pangu Certificate and Test reports
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Pangu Certificate and Test reports

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Based on the excellent quality and customer service, PANGU CARGO CONTROL has obtained many certificates. All products are made according to the standard, Our qualified products has allowed us to earn more reputation for quality, service and innovation in the market. Recently we have put more investment on our labor and equipment, and our production capacity output has been increased. The products are all complied with ISO16049-1, ISO16049-2, EN1492-Ⅰand EN1492-Ⅱ, EN 12195-2, DIN60005, AS/NZS4380 and ASME standard.

We also can do DNV, CCS, ABS etc certificates if the customers have the requirements. Below are the certificates for your reference. Hope we can have a mutual profitable business relationship in a near future.


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PANGU CARGO CONTROL is a experienced factory for OEM service. We use high-tech to produce and export the cargo control products in all over the world. 

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