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NHS-America National Hardware Show
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NHS-America National Hardware Show

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PANGU CARGO CONTROL has attended the National Hardware show in Las Vegas in 2016, we had a great meeting with our clients.

Our Tie down products are widely used in the field of Cargo control products etc. Our products include Air Cargo straps, Air pallet net, Ship cargo control (Car Lashing, Trailer Lashing with Swivel Hooks, RO-RO lashing), Ratchet Tie-Down, Ratchet Lashing Belts, Cargo Restraints, Wheel Tie-Down Strap, Vehicle Transporter Strap, ATV/UTV wheel chock Tie Down strap, Lifting sling, Webbing sling, Round sling, One way Sling, Tow Snatch Strap, Recovery Strap, Polyester Strapping, Slackline, Truck Cargo net and Lifting Net products etc. 

With 20 containers per month exported in all over the world, Our qualified products has allowed us to earn more reputation for quality, service and innovation in the market.


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PANGU CARGO CONTROL is a experienced factory for OEM service. We use high-tech to produce and export the cargo control products in all over the world. 

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